NY Penal Law 265.40 – Purchase of rifles and/or shotguns in contiguous states

Purchase of rifles and/or shotguns in contiguous states. Definitions. As used in this act:

1. “Contiguous state” shall mean any state having any portion of its border in common with a portion of the border of the state of New York;

2. All other terms herein shall be given the meaning prescribed in Public Law 90-618 known as the “Gun Control Act of l968” (18 U.S.C.921). It shall be lawful for a person or persons residing in this state, to purchase or otherwise obtain a rifle and/or shotgun in a contiguous state, and to receive or transport such rifle and/or shotgun into this state; provided, however, such person is otherwise eligible to possess a rifle and/or shotgun under the laws of this state.

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