Drug Cases

Whether you are facing charges in Federal or New York State Court, a case involving even a small amount of illegal drugs can carry life changing penalties.  In all drug cases there are a number of different resolutions for every possible case and you need an experienced attorney to minimize the long-term consequences of your case.  Daniel McGuinness has years of experience defending against drug charges throughout New York State and in Federal court.

New York State Drug Crimes

New York State has a history of the toughest drug laws in the United States.  Recent revisions to the New York Penal Law have lowered mandatory minimums and allowed sentencing judges greater discretion.  In many cases drug treatment programs, probation or conditional sentences are options.  You need an experienced lawyer’s advice to guide you to the best possible outcome.

New York State Drug Laws

For years, New York drug laws were the strictest in the entire country.  Recent revisions have allowed for some individuals to avoid lengthy prison sentences and criminal records by entering into treatment programs.  These programs, however, are not automatic, and you need an attorney who knows how to work with the court and prosecutor for the best possible outcome.  More information relevant to your particular case is available below.

New York Drug Possession Laws

If you have been arrested with any of the following substances you should contact an experienced New York criminal drug attorney immediately:

Often times a New York drug arrest for drug possession or sale can be compounded with additional charges, including:

These additional charges can turn a simple possession charge into a criminal case resulting in several years of prison. Daniel A. McGuinness has experience handling all types of drug charges and minimizing the impact of the consequences for those involved.

Federal Drug Laws

Facing any federal charge can feel overwhelming, but federal drug laws present an additional set of challenges. Federal charges carry heavy penalties for even first offenses, and repeat offenders can quickly face life in prison.  Often times an individual charged with a federal drug crime is alleged to be part of a larger conspiracy which drastically increases individuals potential sentence. Keep reading for more information relevant to your particular case.

Drug laws are extremely complex.  Penalties are generally based upon the type and quantify of the substance involved.  At Law Offices of Daniel A. McGuinness, PC, we have extensive experience in successfully defending a wide variety of drug crimes in both federal and state courts.  Clients need to understand that when it comes to drug crimes the deck is strongly stacked against them.

Prosecutors use conspiracy laws to expand and broaden the scope of a client’s exposure for the purpose of getting the client to simply give up and plead guilty.  We will never let that happen.  Rather, we will aggressively defend your rights, investigate your case, and make sure that every possible avenue is explored to help you beat or lessen the impact of the charges.  Our approach is thorough, diligent, and comprehensive.  We often hear from people that their lawyers did not do any work on their case or “sold them down the river.”  Not our clients . . . never.  We will fight for you at every turn and not rest until you have received the very best possible representation.

Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug charges often carry severe mandatory sentences with few ways out.  When facing a federal drug sentence your options are usually limited and are forced to make a quick decision that will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life.  It is necessary to have a lawyer with years of experience handling federal drug cases to give you the best possible advice.

There are a number of factors that can drastically increase your sentence, including:

  • If a firearm was used in connection with dealing drugs
  • If you have been previously convicted of a felony
  • If you dealt or manufactured near a school
  • If death or injury resulted from the drug usage
  • If you distributed drugs to a person under 21
  • If you used a person under 18 to assist you in dealing drugs

Any one of these factors can add many years on to your sentence.  That is why Law Offices of Daniel A. McGuinness, PC fights every element at every step of the way.  Even you decide to take a plea offer, we will keep fighting for you at sentencing to get you the lowest sentence possible.

New York & Federal Drug Laws by Substance

The following sections are for your reference to learn more about various state and federal drug crimes that can be charged.

Cocaine / Crack Drug LawsCocaine / Crack Drug Laws

NY State Penalties for Possession & Sale of Cocaine / Crack

Federal Penalties for Possession & Sale of Cocaine

Federal Penalties for Possession & Sale of Crack

Crystal Meth Drug LawsCrystal Meth Drug Laws

NY State Penalties for Possession & Sale of Crystal Meth

Federal Penalties for Possession & Sale of Crystal Meth

Ecstasy Drug LawsEcstasy Drug Laws

NY State Penalties for Possession & Sale of Ecstasy

Federal Penalties for Possession & Sale of Ecstasty

Heroin Drug LawsHeroin Drug Laws

NY State Penalties for Possession & Sale of Heroin

Federal Penalties for Possession & Sale of Heroin

LSD Drug LawsLSD Drug Laws

NY State Penalties for Possession & Sale of LSD

Federal Penalties for Possession & Sale of LSD

Marijuana Drug LawsMarijuana Drug Laws

NY State Penalties for Possession & Sale of Marijuana

Federal Penalties for Possession & Sale of Marijuana

Have you been charged with a drug crime in New York?

Being charged with any drug crime can be disturbing–particularly if you feel you have been wrongfully accused or that there were additional circumstances that should be considered.

Rest assured, you are not alone.  Our firm is here to help.  The attorneys at Law Offices of Daniel A. McGuinness, PC has extensive experience and proven success in determining the best way to resolve drug crime cases.  We will listen to your side of the story, discuss your options and determine the best way to move forward.