MADD: Victim Impact Panel

Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Victim Impact Panel

If you are convicted of DUI / DWI in New York, you will most probably been sentenced to a traditional form of punishment such as a fine, license suspension, or in some cases, jail time.  Recently, however, sentencing alternatives have also been employed by courts to address the underlying problems that may lead to drunk driving.  These programs are intended to help educate DUI / DWI offenders in order to prevent further incidents.  The organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) provides speakers for meetings called Victim Impact Panels at various locations throughout the state and the country.

Participants in the MADD programs attend meetings made up of people who have been convicted for drunk driving and people whose lives have been affected in some way by drunk driving.  The goal of these panels is to raise awareness about the impact of the driving drunk in a sincere and non-accusatory way.

At the meetings, MADD members tell their stories.  Often, a police officer moderates the discussion.  Occasionally, a drunk driver may contribute.

Convicted DUI / DWI offenders who participate in the MADD panels are usually ordered to do so as a condition of probation.  Therefore, if you are ordered to attend a MADD Victim Impact Panel and fail to do so, you will have violated parole and most likely be jailed.

Participation in the MADD program or other sentencing alternatives may be useful in your case.  Contact an experienced DUI / DWI New York attorney to find out if sentencing alternatives may apply to your situation.

Currently, in New York State there are MADD Victim Impact Panels in:
Westchester County (914) 995-8338
Nassau County (516) 571-5465
and Suffolk County (631) 852-5069

You can also contact the New York State branch of MADD at (800) 245-6233.