Community Service

In some cases, convicted drunk drivers may be able to do community service instead of paying fines or going to jail.  Community service is one form of alternative sentencing that is widely available.  As a DUI / DWI offender, the hours you spend performing community service are substituted for the hours you would have been spending in jail as good time/ work time custody credits.

If you are directed to perform community service, you will be working without pay for an organization that is either not-for-profit or government-run.  You may have skills from a profession—like electrician, plumber or doctor–that could be useful to a social service agency.  Or, you can learn on the job as a volunteer for an organization like the Salvation Army, Red Cross, or the local YMCA.  There are many opportunities in your area that can count as community service jobs.

Community service can be beneficial to you and to society at large.  You can continue to live in your home and taxpayers do not have to pay for your incarceration.  And, you will be working for a good cause.

Community service may be available to you as a better alternative to spending time in jail.  Contact us to have an experienced New York DUI / DWI attorney evaluate your case for alternative sentencing options.