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You may be uncertain what happens next, and where to turn for help. Defendants charged with drunk driving in the NYC area face stiff penalties, and the NY District Attorney’s offices are no exception to this policy. Being arrested for DWI does not mean you are automatically guilty, however.

Charges can sometimes be dismissed or reduced based on the specific circumstances of your case, such as a lack of reasonable suspicion for stopping you, no probable cause, drawing a blood sample without your lawful consent or search warrant, erroneous breath-alcohol test results, and others.

To ensure that you have an effective legal defense, it is important to work with a DWI lawyer who is a member of the National College of DUI Defense as approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). You need a lawyer who has fought and won in all types of DWI cases.

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Recent Victories

DWI Arrest

Client’s breath test was a 0.19 BAC

Not Guilty
DWI Arrest

Client alleged to have nearly collided with police cruiser

Not Guilty
DWI Arrest

Arrest at DWI checkpoint stop

Assault Case

Assault case alleging substantial injuries

Not Guilty
Drug Case

Client’s cellphone searched at border related to cocaine smuggling charges

Phone search suppressed
Civil Rights

Prisoner civil rights case following sexual assault by a prison guard

Six Figure Settlement
Murder Case

Federal murder charges related to racketeering conspiracy

Not Guilty

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If you have a DWI in New York, do not hesitate to retain this firm, as they are probably the best that I ever heard of. I have never heard of any firm dismissing a DWI without a trial, I think God sent them to me.


Serious, smart, very helpful, quick response, trustworthy. Would choose him anytime and recommend him to anyone and everyone. Please call him if you need any help at anytime.


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You are in good hands if you are being represented by this law firm. Mr. McGuinness and his associates went far beyond the expectations. They are thorough and keep you constantly informed throughout the entire process. In their profession, it’s not easy finding people who truly care and want the best for you, but that’s what I saw in Mr. McGuinness’s team. I advise anyone in need of a criminal attorney to give them a call. Anonymous Client