New York DWI Information Center

New York DWI Information Center

We’ve created this DWI Legal Information Center because DWI cases are a complex intersection between criminal justice and science.

No other crime has a purported scientific test that supposedly tells you automatically whether you are guilty or innocent.  No other charge is more frequently leveled against otherwise completely law abiding citizens.

Our DWI clients comprise some of the most successful business people, professionals and artists in the world.  They are not criminals and very often have not done anything wrong.  Simply stated: A DWI arrest can happen to anyone.  If you have a glass of wine at dinner and do not stop completely for a stop sign, you can be arrested and charged with a DWI in New York.  Because of this very scary fact, you need a team of lawyers that understands and studies DWI law and practices at the highest level of the bar.

We care deeply about providing the highest quality representation to our clients.  We look forward to the privilege of helping you too.

Fail a Breathalyzer Test?

Find out if the Intoxilyzer machine in your case was working properly by finding the maintenance documents related to your breath test.

DWI Dictionary

Often-used (and not often easily understood) terms relating to DWI / DUI, drunk driving, drinking and driving, DUID and other related info.

Understanding DWI / DUI

A DWI or DUI case can be a scary place. We have the experience to navigate you through the DWI legal process, and a track record of success.

Important DWI / DUI related info that you need to know:

New York DWI Law Information: