Article 15: Culpability

The complete law is as follows:

Article 15: Culpability

15.00 Culpability; definitions of terms.
15.05 Culpability; definitions of culpable mental states.
15.10 Requirements for criminal liability in general and for offenses of strict liability and mental culpability.
15.15 Construction of statutes with respect to culpability requirements.
15.20 Effect of ignorance or mistake upon liability.
15.25 Effect of intoxication upon liability.

NY Penal Law § 15.00

Culpability; definitions of terms.

The following definitions are applicable to this chapter:

1. “Act” means a bodily movement.

2. “Voluntary act” means a bodily movement performed consciously as a result of effort or determination, and includes the possession of property if the actor was aware of his physical possession or control thereof for a sufficient period to have been able to terminate it.

3. “Omission” means a failure to perform an act as to which a duty of performance is imposed by law.

4. “Conduct” means an act or omission and its accompanying mental state.

5. “To act” means either to perform an act or to omit to perform an act.

6. “Culpable mental state” means “intentionally” or “knowingly” or “recklessly” or with “criminal negligence,” as these terms are defined in section 15.05.