Suppression of Evidence

Discovery decision uncovers prosecutorial wrongdoing

November 12, 2014

After nearly a year of stalling, the New York County District Attorney’s Office has finally asked the NYPD what New York law has required for decades: Has the breath machine in a specific case ever been repaired? However, when the answer is “Yes”, the Manhattan DA’s Office is still trying to avoid fulfilling its legal […]


Can Police Search My Cell Phone?

October 3, 2013

If you are arrested with a cell phone on you, can police search its contents?  We are often asked this question by clients where law enforcement has seized their cell phones and refuse to give them back.  Whether the police can search those phones without a warrant depends on where you’re arrested.  At least, for […]


Cops Not Believable – DA “Over Tries” – Suppression Granted

October 25, 2012

Our office prides itself on trial advocacy.  We work hard to hone our trial skills, developing trial theories, executing them effectively.  This process take a lot of work.  But one of the hardest lessons we have had to master is how not to “over try” a case.  Trial lawyers often use this term: “over try.” […]