Marijuana & Other Drugs

The New York State Drinking Driver Program

November 29, 2016
Drinking Driver Program

Plea bargains for first-offense DWI cases will typically include a conditional discharge, one of the conditions being the defendant’s participation in the New York State Drinking Driver Program (DDP). The DDP consists of a set of classes, totaling a minimum of 15 hours, which are meant to deter the defendant from committing future violations by […]


A Guide to Sealing Criminal Records in New York

October 11, 2016
sealing criminal records

If you’ve ever been charged with a crime in New York, one of your primary concerns will be how it affects your record. What information is accessible to employers and the public? What control do you have over the information included in your records? Can you seal your record to prevent that information from getting into […]


Student Loan Eligibility & Criminal Convictions

August 30, 2016
student loan eligibility

Even a good student can find him or herself on the “wrong” side of the law. When that happens, it doesn’t just affect your record–it affects your eligibility to receive student loans. Let’s explore further: How can a criminal conviction affect my student loan eligibility to receive Federal Aid? A criminal conviction can have a serious impact […]


What is Mandatory Minimum Sentencing?

August 12, 2016
mandatory minimum sentencing

In certain cases, the law requires that mandatory minimum sentencing be applied. In this article, we’ll explore what that means and under what circumstances it might apply to a case. Let’s start with the basic question: What is mandatory minimum sentencing? Mandatory minimum sentencing laws require judges to deliver sentences of a certain length for […]


Decriminalization of Marijuana in New York

April 27, 2016
NY Penal law 221.15 Criminal possession of marihuana in the fourth degree.

What is the difference between legalization or decriminalization? Many states and countries have been moving toward the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana… but what does that really mean? In New York, the possession of marijuana has been decriminalized, but not fully legalized. This means that depending on the amount of marijuana you have in your […]