Criminal Defense Attorney in New York City

Proven Success
Daniel A. McGuinness has a reputation for consistently beating the odds.  Whether working to defend a client accused of six murders, litigating against the NYPD or fighting to change the law for prisoner’s rights, Daniel A. McGuinness has fought the tough cases that no one else dared take and won.
We Provide Peace of Mind
When someone needs our services, they are probably experiencing almost unbearable hardship. We are here to help you.  Every client has our cell phone numbers so you can reach us quickly and directly with questions.  We pride ourselves on getting back to our clients as punctually as possible.

We also work hard to keep up-to-date on every development affecting our areas of practice. We are constantly trying to create new strategies and ideas to consistently help our clients get the very best possible outcome.

Experience that Counts
We believe that cases are won by diligent and thorough work. Our motto is “Failure to prepare is preparation for failure.”

Our track record shows that we have lived by that rule regularly, out-performing every federal and state prosecutor office in the New York City region.

We pride ourselves on developing innovative approaches to the presentation of evidence and forging new legal developments and theories to help clients gain the tactical and strategic edge.  We have a recognized reputation for getting winning results against great odds. When you are or a loved one are in trouble, you want the best to do the best. We truly believe that is what you get when we go the extra mile to defending your case.

Why Law Offices of Daniel A. McGuinness?
The Law Offices of Daniel A. McGuinness, P.C. takes on the most challenging cases and consistently delivers the best possible results for our clients. We have obtained not guilty verdicts in cases that other lawyers consider impossible to win, and we bring the same level of commitment to every matter that we handle.  We set the bar very high for the standards that we expect of ourselves as lawyers and advocates. We are committed to upholding the honor and integrity of criminal defense practice through bar through vigorously defending the rights of the accused.

One of New York’s finest criminal defense and civil rights firms.  We are recognized by our clients, our peers, the courts and elsewhere as aggressive, diligent and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers.  We believe that integrity, thorough case preparation and client-focused service ensures the highest level of representation and advocacy.  We seek to take on the most difficult cases and consistently produce winning results against the greatest odds.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, or have had your civil rights violated, you need and deserve a firm of professionals that seeks to perform at the highest possible level.  Like many of our clients, we believe that you will be grateful to engage our services and let us help you.