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Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C.. was founded by Adam D. Perlmutter, and Daniel A. McGuinness.  Adam is a former Assistant District Attorney in Queens County with a broad-base of criminal defense experience that very few New York lawyers can match.  From successfully defending death penalty cases to uncovering police corruption on behalf of his clients, Adam Perlmutter and Daniel McGuinness have developed a reputation as an aggressive trial attorney whose work is firmly grounded on thorough preparation, superior knowledge of the law and facts of his cases, and integrity.

Adam and Dan’s work has received national and international attention including the New York Times, National Public Radio, the Daily News, the New York Post, Newsday, the International Herald Tribune, the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere.  They have appeared as a commentator on TruTV (formerly Court TV), CTV News, CNN, and as a legal expert for WABC.

The criminal-defense attorneys of Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C.. have experience in defending cases in all federal and state courts in the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Westchester.  Our team received extensive legal training.  And no client will ever have difficulty contacting an attorney – even on nights and weekends – because all of our attorneys provide their personal cell phone number to each client they work with and our cell numbers are listed on this website.

Adam and Dan’s organized and methodical approach to defending cases consistently results in favorable outcomes for their clients. The key to the firm’s success is an extensive knowledge of the law, the courts the judges, and the DMV hearing process that is unparalleled in New York City. The firm’s employees, from attorneys to support staff, treat each client with respect, care and patience. We are there to protect you and to protect your life.

Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C. is home to an extensive collection of DUI / DWI research both on the law and on the breath-testing equipment used in New York. This research gives the firm’s lawyers and experts the weapons they need to question the physical evidence in New York DUI / DWI cases.

With offices located in Midtown Manhattan, just blocks from both Grand Central Station and Penn Station, the Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C. is easily accessible from everywhere in New York City, as well as Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester. A New York DUI / DWI attorney from our office will be well versed in the local courts, prosecutors, and law-enforcement agencies and will discreetly and professionally handle every aspect of your DUI / DWI case, from arrest to arraignment to trial.

Being arrested for DUI / DWI in New York is an unpleasant event, but with the right attorney, negative consequences can be kept to a minimum.  A New York DUI / DWI attorney from the Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C. will allow you to relax, comfortable in the knowledge that your case is in capable hands. The experienced lawyers of Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C. treat every case as if it’s the only one on the docket.

Accused of a DWI?

Anyone accused in New York of a DUI / DWI, driving under the influence of drugs, or any other drinking and driving offense can trust Perlmutter & McGuinness to provide sound legal advice and achieve the best possible outcome both in court and at the DMV. Because the consequences of a drunk driving arrest can be so severe, it’s important not to entrust DUI / DWI defense to an amateur.  Adam D. Perlmutter and Daniel A. McGuinness will provide the exceptional legal representation that has made the firm a leader in New York drunk driving and criminal defense.

Adam Perlmutter is a nationally recognized criminal defense attorney whose work has been covered by  TruTV, WABC, the New York Times, the New York Post, the Daily News, the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere.   Adam has also been named a Super Lawyer in the New York Times Magazine, a peer review honor that singles out attorneys who are at the highest level of skill and integrity.

Adam is a nationally renowned attorney in the area of drinking driving related offense and forensic discovery issues related to breath testing.  Adam’s trial advocacy techniques are so formidable that he hosts seminars for other attorneys to teach the art of grilling prosecution witnesses and effective trial presentation.

We pride ourselves on our courtroom skills, superior knowledge of the law, and exceptional personal service.  Adam Perlmutter is a certified breath test operator and in administering the Standard Field Sobriety tests.  And, any client who has a question in the evening or on weekends won’t worry about the answer after leaving a message on an attorney’s voice mail. We provide our personal cell phone numbers to every client, which is even listed on our website.

Our proven formula of success translates again and again into favorable outcomes for the firm’s clients.  The key to our success is teamwork – excellent attorneys, staff and investigators work together to ensure an exceptional outcome to every case.  The firm’s employees, from attorneys to support staff, treat each client with the respect they deserve.   The people in his firm are well-versed in every aspect of DUI / DWI defense, and can dismantle both the physical and circumstantial evidence in a prosecutor’s case. “We are constantly striving to develop new theories and approaches to New York DWI defense,” Adam says. “We strive every day to be a cut above the rest.”

Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C. has the largest DUI / DWI library in New York City, and owns and operates breath-testing equipment used by law-enforcement to give the firm’s attorneys, staff and experts the tools they need to attack the physical evidence in drunk driving cases.

With an office located near Grand Central Station in Manhattan, Adam and Dan are prepared to aggressively defend drinking and driving cases throughout New York City, Long Island and Westchester.  We are familiar with all local courts, prosecutors, and law-enforcement agencies and will handle every aspect of a DUI / DWI case, from bail to arraignment to trial.

“It’s not just about winning a case,” Adam explains. “It’s about helping folks close a chapter of their lives and move forward.”

Getting arrested for drunk driving can be one of the most traumatic events in life, and it’s important to obtain knowledgeable legal help to aggressively fight the charges and keep negative consequences to a minimum.  Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C. has the skills to effectively dismantle a prosecutor’s case and achieve the best possible outcome.  Every case and every client is important.  Let us prove that to you.

Why We Fight

“Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” – Winston Churchill

As experienced New York DUI / DWI lawyers, clients often ask us why they should bother fighting their drunk driving case.  When a client comes in for a free consultation, we first gather the facts regarding the arrest, the basis of the traffic stop, and the results of any sobriety coordination tests or chemical tests they submitted to. At this point, clients usually ask, “Why should I fight this?”  Let’s look at some of the reasons why you need an experienced DUI / DWI lawyer on your side.

The first thing to know is that if you plead guilty to drunk driving, you will be convicted of drunk driving. Drunk driving is a serious charge.  Very often it results in a permanent criminal conviction that stays on your record for the rest of your life.  Even a non-criminal “violation” to driving while impaired will stay on your criminal record FOREVER.

But, if you don’t plead guilty, you are presumed innocent and you are also entitled—in the state of New York—to a jury trial if you are charged with DWI. This means that for a misdemeanor case, 6 jurors must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of your guilt in order to convict you.

What are the possible results of a jury trial?  All 6 jurors can agree that the defendant is guilt y, all 6 jurors can agree that the defendant is innocent, or, some jurors can vote guilty and some can vote not guilty.  In the third scenario, you have what is called a “hung jury,” and a good possibility that your case can be dismissed.  That means you will walk away.

So what’s the bottom line here?  If you can convince only one of the 6 jurors to vote not guilty, you may win the case.  Doesn’t that sound a lot better than relying on the mercy of the judge and the prosecutor?

Another reason to fight your case is that pleading guilty to first misdemeanor offense may lead to a three year probation sentence.  Probation can completely deny you the right to drive during that three year period or require that you have an ignition interlock device during that entire period.  You may also be required to pay fines and attend DUI classes during probation, or meet other requirements. In addition, keep in mind that a drunk driving conviction will result in a significant increase in your auto insurance, a loss of your driving privileges, restrictions on travel outside the United States, create problems renting and leasing cars, and have other negative effects as well.

Luckily, you do have the right to fight your DUI case.  Contact us to find out how.

You won’t know what is possible until you do.