These are real quotes although the initials have been changed to protect the identity of our clients.

“I cannot believe that it happened so fast. Adam focused in like a laser and completely destroyed their case. Before I knew what was happening, the judge threw out all the charges.” S.B., charges dismissed after pretrial hearings for unlawful arrest.

“I have never seen someone work so hard. Adam explored so many aspects of what the police did that the prosecutor did not know whether he was coming or going. I could not be more happy with the representation or the result.” P.H., acquitted of all charges after jury trial .20 BAC.

“I work in the pharmaceutical industry so my entire career was on the line. First, Adam saved my license. Then, he completely dismantled the arresting officer and the judge threw out the charges before we got to trial. I could not believe what I was seeing.” W.H., charges dismissed after pretrial hearings on illegal stop.

“The DA wanted to put me in jail. Adam said that I should take the case to trial because I would win. He was right. I can’t recommend him more highly. He truly saved me and my family.” J.L., acquitted of all charges after jury trial DWI refusal.

“Adam said to be patient as he methodically assembled my medical records and worked with an expert. It took a long time but eventually the DA said that she could not prove the case and dismissed all the charges. I couldn’t be happier.” K.B., charges dismissed before trial.

“I thank Jesus for Adam Perlmutter. He saved my job. He saved my life.  I really cannot say enough good things about the work he did.” L.C., acquitted of all charges after jury trial DWI refusal.

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