Samples of Our Frequent Victories


Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C. has an unparalleled track record in New York. Here are some sample case victories.  Unless the case received press coverage, the client’s name appears only as initials to protect their identity and reputation.

People v. Lalicata

Client found not guilty of all charges following blistering cross-examination of her accuser. Read more about the Lalicata case here

People v. Goland

Grand Jury refuses to Indict murder suspect in stunning reversal. Read more about the Goland case here

Freed After 21 Years: CNN’s Coverage Part One


Freed After 21 Years: Part Two of CNN’s Coverage

Antonio Yarbough and Sharrif Wilson


Freed After 21 Years: Coverage From CBS

United States v. Thomas Gioeli

Watch the video
Alleged boss of the Colombo crime family found not guilty of six murders including the first charged Mafia murder of a New York City police officer in over a century.

People v. M.C.

Jury acquitted client in 30 minutes where he struck traffic cones and then refused to take the breath test at the precinct.

People v. Ozan Williams

Jury acquitted client of top charge of kidnapping after finding the cooperating witness and victim to not be credible.

People v. Steven Lopresti

Steven LoPresti Adam Perlmutter (left) alongside lawyer Steven Epstein (right) after the verdict.

People v. Steven Lopresti

Client found not guilty of felony DWI charges with a .19% blood alcohol after exposing arresting and breath testing officer involvement in ticket fixing corruption.

United States v. James McTier

Client spared death penalty after being convicted of murdering three innocent by-standers in three separate incidents.

People v. R.G.

Client found not guilty after failing coordination tests and blowing .20% BAC on Intoxilyzer 5000EN.

People v. H.W.

Gun suppressed during pre-trial hearings because cops not believable when they claimed the weapon was in plain view.

People v. G.B.

Jury acquitted client in 20 minutes where he refused to take a breath test and struck curb after making an illegal u-turn.

People v. M.M.

Client found not guilty by jury after being arrested during altercation with a parking attendant.

People v. W.C.

Charges dismissed after pretrial hearings for lack of probable cause.

People v. A.J.

Charges dismissed after pretrial for illegal checkpoint.

People v. J.H.

Client found not guilty at trial with .18% BAC after hitting curb making a u-turn.

People v. K.D.

Client found not guilty on refusal after having an altercation with a parking attendant.

While every case is different, we pride ourselves on trying to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our clients whether they proceed to trial or not. The decision to go to trial is not taken lightly by our office. We engaged in a thorough investigation of the case — gather all the evidence possible and analyze that information to determine the client’s best possible options.

We are proud that our trial record has consistently yielded positive results for our clients. Prior performance is not a guarantee of future results. But that said, we believe that we employ a rigorous system for determining whether a client will prevail at trial or if there are facts that will result in a better plea short of trial.