Criminal Justice Act Representation

Adam D. Perlmutter has been honored with selection and appointment to the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the United States Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.  The Criminal Justice Act Panel consists of selected attorneys throughout New York City who represent individuals charged in federal criminal cases that cannot afford to hire a private attorney.  Federal criminal litigation is extremely complex and requires a thorough understanding of every new legal development on both a local and national level.  The costs to clients is often enormous running into tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and up.

Adam Perlmutter has represented clients in CJA cases ranging including murder, narcoterrorism, narcotics and white collar crimes.  His CJA work has included the success death-penalty defense in the case of United States v. James McTier.  A jury convicted McTier after trial of murdering three innocent victims but spared the client the death penalty.  Mr. Perlmutter also obtained NOT GUILTY verdicts on six murders in United States v. Thomas Gioeli, including the first Mafia charged murder of a New York City police officer in over a century.

If you or a loved one is charged with a federal crime, you may qualify for CJA legal services and possibly representation by Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C.  We are available to conference your case and advise you whether CJA representation can be arranged either through our office or other panel member attorneys.