New York Post: Reputed Mob Boss Cleared of Killing Officer

May 9, 2012 in News

The New York post recently reported on our work defending reputed mob boss Thomas Gioeli.  Here are some  highlights:

A Brooklyn jury today cleared two notorious mobsters on all murder charges they faced, in a stunning setback for federal prosecutors.

Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli beat the rap on six murder counts while soldier Dino “Little Dino” Saracino was cleared for three rubouts. They were both cleared in connection to the infamous Aug. 25, 1997 slaying of NYPD officer Ralph Dols.

“We’re obviously very grateful to the jury for analyzing the evidence and not the emotion of the case,” said Gieoli’s defense lawyer Adam Perlmutter. “He [Gioeli] was very moved. He was heartened by the fact that he could, one day, return to his family and grandchildren.”

Prosecutors marched out of court without speaking to reporters.

Read the full New York Post article here.