New York Daily News: Thomas Gioeli Could Beat Ninth Murder Rap

May 24, 2013 in News

The New York Daily News recently reported on a murder case in which we’re defending reputed Colombo crime boss Thomas “Tommy Shot” Gioeli.  Here are some highlights:

Colombo boss Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli may be getting another shot at beating a murder rap.

Gioeli’s sentencing next week on racketeering charges has been postponed indefinitely after federal prosecutors informed Brooklyn Judge Brian Cogan that new information has surfaced implicating someone other than Gioeli in a 1991 murder conspiracy he was convicted of last year.

The revelation does not appear to affect Gioeli’s co-defendant Dino Saracino who was not involved in Marasa’s murder.

“We have always maintained he (Gioeli) is innocent of all the charges,” defense lawyer Adam Perlmutter told The Daily News.

Read the full New York Daily Post article here.