New York Daily News: NYC DWI Attorney Sues for Breathalyzer Maintenance Records

February 6, 2013 in DWI, Freedom of Information, News

Knowing how often NYC breathalyzer machines can malfunction, our firm has fought long and hard to ensure transparency in the how those machines are maintained.  The New York Daily News took notice:

Suspecting the NYPD might have blown it on maintaining its 28 Breathalyzer machines, a Manhattan defense lawyer is suing for access to maintenance records.

Adam Perlmutter says in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that he has records showing at least one malfunctioning machine was put back into service without being repaired.

The lawyer is asking the courts to order police to honor his Freedom of Information Law request for five years worth of maintenance, inspection and repair records for each machine.

“Other states put this information online. We thought, ‘Why can’t we have that in New York?” Perlmutter said.

Read the entire article here.

UPDATE: We won!  You can now easily search NYC Breathalyzer maintenance records right here on our site.

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