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March 25, 2016 in News Bigg Base

I wanted to share a recent case because it was a remarkable experience and worth knowing about—certainly BuzzFeed thought so.

Ronald “Bigg BASE” Goland was a 24 year-old African American man who lived with his mother, father and siblings in the Bronx. The first time that I met Bigg BASE, he was sitting behind the glass of an attorney interview booth in the Bronx Hall of Justice. He had been arrested a few days before and held without bail in connection with a shooting death on Friday, July 17th, approximately eight months earlier.

Bigg BASE was nervous, courteous and emphatic that he wanted to testify before the Grand Jury. This is not what a criminal defense attorney with a homicide case wants to hear. Testifying before a grand jury is risky, high stakes and, in this case, carrying with it the potential to spend the rest of your life in prison.

This is not what a criminal defense attorney with a homicide case wants to hear.

The danger mainly results from allowing the State to use your words against you. Specifically, in order to testify before a grand jury, a defendant must waive any immunity of their testimony. This waiver makes the statements 100% admissible against the accused if the case proceeds to trial. That is usually the case, because, as an infamous judge once said, “in New York a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.” When the Grand Jury believes the defendant, however, the client can have the charges dismissed and set free – even in a murder case.

In this case, that’s exactly what happened.  Bigg BASE beat a murder charge by courageously deciding to tell his side of the story!

BuzzFeed took notice.  Specifically, senior reporter Mike Hayes wrote a piece outlining Ronald’s case and his story.

This Aspiring Rapper Charged With Murder Made The Risky Choice Of Talking To A Grand Jury

I am aptly quoted in the article: “This is one of those times you could see justice in motion, as painful as the process was.”

Needless to say, Perlmutter & McGuinness, P.C. is pleased to have provided Ronald with legal counsel in his time of need.  We are glad that BuzzFeed chose to share this harrowing story with its readers and we look forward to watching Bigg BASE’s rap career grow.


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